Apple to Start Production of iPhone 6 with 4.7-Inch Screen in July

Apple to Start Production of iPhone 6 with 4.7-Inch Screen in July

According to new report, Apple will start production of its upcoming iPhone 6 with bigger screen in July. This report came straight from a Japanese blog which claims that Apple is going to announce two new iPhones like previous year, one with 4.7-inch screen and other with 5.5-inch screen.

The reports says that the rumored iPhone 6 will have 4.7 inch of ultra retina display which is .7 inch larger that the current iPhone 5S. Also Apple is working on even bigger model of iPhone, yes iPhone with 5.5-inch of display but that model production will start in September. iPhone was released in 2007 and in its sever year span, iPhone has changed very little in terms of its size. Beginning with only 3.5-inch of screen in 2007, the current flagship iPhone 5S is only half inch larger that this and still many consumers are happy with this size. But according to technology analysts, Apple need to introduce bigger display in iPhone to stay in the competition of smartphones as its competitors like Samsung, HTC and Google are focusing a lot of larger displays.

Earlier last week, Reuters claimed the same news. According to them Apple will start making the new iPhone with bigger screen in May. Earlier today, we have shared with you some renders that shows how the new iPhone 6 will look like.

If these reports are believed to be true, then we will see new bigger iPhone in last quarter of this year. What do you think? Do you want iPhone to have bigger screens like Galaxy or you want Apple to continue with 4-inch display?

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