Buy one get one free iPhone deal by At&t

Are you Looking for the latest iPhone? Luckily, AT&T has launched “buy one, get one free” campaigns for Apple’s big product. iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s are now around 1 year old, but distributors are still trying to increase the sales of iPhone 6 series.. buy one get one free iPhone At&t deal is live now and it seems like it will become lot easier for customers to get the Apple iPhone on At&t flagship.

Back in February of this year, At&t launched a deal named as BOGO which stands for buy one get one free. At&t customers will need  to buy iPhone 6 plus or iPhone 6s on Next Installment plan but for getting an iPhone 6s for customers need to buy another iPhone in order to get eligible for the BOGO offer.


According to At&t, iPhone deal for a free iPhone must be made possible through AT&T Next device payment plan, the new iPhone must be purchased through a 30 month contract with At&t carrier Next 24 month or 30 month installment plan. The buy one get one free iphone deal is  available on att online store.


For iPhone lovers, this deal is perfect because they can buy an Apple iPhone 6plus or iPhone 6s because it’s kind a reasonable deal which will cost around $70 per month for a 30 months installment plan.

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