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How to Get Emoji in iOS 7 Keyboard?

Apple has made enabling Emoji keyboard much easier in iOS 7 as you won’t need any third party app for this purpose anymore. Most of the users use emoticons (also known as emoji) these days to convey their messages emotions. By default you won’t see any emoji

Disable Transparent Background Effect in iOS 7

Apple introduced lot of new features in iOS 7 including the transparent background for control center and notification center. Many users didn’t like this transparent background that’s why we have decided to cover a tutorial on this.

How to Locate Lost iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

Lost your Apple product? No worries, you can easily locate your lost iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by following the steps we have mentioned in this post. But before you proceed, let me tell you that you will be only able to locate your lost iOS device

How to Change Language of Siri?

Apple introduced Siri first in iPhone 4S and since then this new feature is improving day by day. By default, Siri language is English but if English isn’t your primary language then no worries as you can easily change language of Siri.