Five Cydia iOS 7 Repos To Download Jailbreak Tweaks

Are you looking for Cydia Repos for iOS 7? I am going to share with you Cydia iOS 7 Repos to download the jailbreak tweaks and apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Since the release of untether jailbreak tool Evasi0n7 for iDevices, most of users are having difficulties with Cydia iOS 7 Repos so we decided to help them out.

Cydia iOS 7 Repos

Jailbreaking the iDevice give users ability to customize and style their iPhone or iPad according to their taste. But the problem is that there are lot of things which need to be done after jailbreak like adding repos to cydia etc etc. If you have untethered jailbreaked your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using the Pod2g tool and now want to enjoy Cydia tweaks, then you need to add some powerful repos to your Cydia.

Earlier today I have shared WinterBoard iOS 7 Themes with iPad users and now I found that most of users are having problem with Cydia iOS 7 Repos, so that’s why I am writing a article on Cydia iOS 7 Repos which you need to add to the Cydia app on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

Five Great Cydia iOS 7 Repos to Add to Cydia

There are lot of Cydia repos available out there for users to add to the Cydia app on iDevice. Unfortunately only few repos are useful and we are going to share such repos with our readers.


Who is not familiar with this famous Cydia Repo? BigBoss repo is one of the largest repo available and it is filled with popular jailbreak tweaks and cydia apps. Most of the jailbreak developers prefer to add their tweaks to BigBoss repo.

It is another great and big repo which also supports iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks. In order to add this repo to your cydia, use this address:


iSapzio is not that much big like BigBoss but still it is filled with very useful Cydia Tweaks related to customization and other such tweaks.

These famous Cydia Repos are compatible with iOS 7 and you can safely add them to your jailbroken iPhone.

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