Fix Size Mismatch Error in Cydia

Most of time when you try to download any particular tweak or mod from cydia, you get size mismatch error. Here’s the solution to fix size mismatch error in cydia.

Sometimes this errors arises when you are trying to download any cydia app and sometimes you get this error when you are adding any new repo to cydia on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

fix size mismatch error in cydia

There are two methods to get rid of this size mismatch error in cydia on iPhone and iPad. We will share both.

Fix # 1

Sometimes this error arises when the package in a repo is not of the same size as it is listed there or you can say that the size of package listed in repo is 100kb but actually it is bigger that that. Due to this, the package can’t be installed. So to fix this, you need to install that package from other repo.

Fix # 2

The other fix is that delete the repo from cydia which is showing wrong size of package and add that repo again. This will for sure fix the size mismatch error. If the error still persists, delete the cydia and re-install it again.

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