How to Add ModMyi Repo to Cydia in iOS 7

ModMyi is for sure one of the largest cydia repo aka repository out there. It contains thousands of thousands of cydia tweaks related to customizations, mods, wallpapers and themes.

Though jailbreaking the iOS device and then installing cydia on it is not very difficult rather it is easy. But to help the newbies, we have decided to cover everything from jailbreaking iOS device to installing cydia in details. Recently we have shared guide on how to install cydia on iOS 7/7.1. Today we will tell you how to add ModMyi repo to cydia in iOS 7.

Add ModMyi Repo to Cydia in iOS 7

How to Add ModMyi Repo to Cydia in iOS 7

Adding ModMyi repo to cydia is very simple and you will need to follow only 3-4 steps. But we request you to carefully read each step.

First of all launch cydia app on your jailbroken iOS device.

Now go to the manage tab and click on sources there. There you will see Add button. Tap on that add button.

Now type the ModMyi repo URL to add it. The URL of ModMyi repo is (add http:// at start). Once you have written this URL, tap on add source button.

Now once cydia fetches the ModMyi repo and add it to cydia in iOS 7, respring your device.

After that you can launch the cydia again to confirm whether modmyi repo is added to cydia or not. If it is successfully added, you will see it under sources.

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