How to Delete Instagram account from iPhone


If you are going to Delete your Instagram account from iPhone because of the social media overdose or Apple IOS update has now enabled you to add effects just like Instagram without installing any app. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t support deleting account through Instagram app currently.

You need to follow the follow the following steps in order to remove Instagram from your mobile phone.


Steps need to be taken for Instagram delete from iPhone

#1 – Backup your Instagram account photos

Backing up your Instagram photos is necessary when you are deleting it because images and videos added previously in your account cannot be retrieved once it deleted.

For this purpose there are two options. Either drag all your Instagram media into a Finder Folder one by one.



You can also use to download & save Instagram videos, pictures, and posts. This is one of the simplest way to backup your Instagram posts to your hard drive.


#2 – Delete Instagram App account from its Website

Instagram app has no option of deleting the account. However the only way to delete your Instagram account is to visit their official website and try logging in username and password of account that you were using in app

  • Visit from your iPhone


  • Insert log in details of your account.
  • Edit your profile by clicking on “your name” at top right corner of webpage.


  • Select “I’d like to delete my account”


  • Pick an option from “Tell us why you are deleting your Instagram account”
  • After it, insert your Instagram account PASSWORD, for last verification.
  • Select Permanently Deactivate My Account and Press OK.

Now the question is.. The Account really deleted from Instagram??

The answer is YES and NO


The Answer is YES because,

Instagram account cannot be recovered once it is deleted as I said before also the username you were using
in that account will not be available to any new user including you. Same in case of email address, if you
if your Instagram account got deleted , it will be completely removed and you will not be able to use that email account for another new account.

All your account data including images, videos, comments, friend lists and likes will become
unavailable for public access.

That is why they have also given an option to the user to temporarily disable an account.


The answer is No because,

However as per Instagram terms and conditions license, they may retain your data for unlimited time

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