How to Download GBA4iOS ROMS and Play Games On iOS 10 Devices – Update

For all the game lovers, who want to enjoy Nintendo’s Game Boy and DS on your favorite iOS devices, but can’t update GBA4iOS to the new version of the iOS 10. We have come up with the simple solution to it so that GBA4iOS ROMS can be installed easily and hassle-free, to enjoy GBA4ios games. Follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial in details.

gba4ios 10

Also, if you have already installed GBA4iOS ROMS on iOS 9, do keep in mind that it won’t run in iOS 10 unless you update it according to the steps mentioned below. With this step-by-step process you don’t need to Jailbreak device and can be easily installed without jailbreaking on installing any other app.

Steps to Install GBA4iOS ROMS On iOS 10

  1. Go to the site here, and simply press install button. It will take you to the syncs applications.
  2. Once you are actually redirected to the syncs apps, you should be prompt up with “Install Profile” popup up where you can see there is iEmuHub Redesigned written, Cancel and install Button is on upper side.
  3. Now go ahead and click Install, put up the password of your device if you have already password protected it.
  4. Install > Password > Click Next > The Popup Warning page appear will be like this ” Unsigned Profile, The Profile is not signed. Just ignore it
  5.  Click install > and then click done. That profile will be installed.
  6. Now go back to your home screen and you should see GBA4iOS app logo on there.
  7. Click GBA4iOS to open it. The popup page “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” that sys “iPhone Distribution: Firmy Max Sp Z O O” has not been trusted on this iPhone.
  8. Get rid of this message, by giving access to this app, so that you can have GBA4iOS on your iPhone. What you want to do is press cancel.
  9. Go to the Settings > Click General > profiles & Device Management > from here in the configuration Profiles look for the recently installed profile which was shown as Untrusted in the popup. It will be under Enterprise apps belonging to GBA4iOS and named as Firmy Max.
  10.  Click on it and Press “Trust” and one more time. and there you go

Now you have access to GBA4iOS on iOS 10 device running on iPhone or iPad.

We hope that if you have followed the steps, GBA4iOS ROMS will be successfully installed on iPhone 7. Play your favorite GBA4iOS ROMS games and subscribe to get more update.

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