How to Hide/Disable Siri Suggestion on iOS 10

We are going to discuss how to hide or disable Siri suggestion from spotlight search. iOS 9 and 10 have built-in Siri Suggestion in spotlight search which is helpful at times, but quite annoying other times.

hide siri suggestion

Some of the suggestions that pop-up in search include, apps, people, location, the last person you called, games recently played apps download etc. new text, places nearby, contacts, apps you have recently used …anything. They are going to be in spot-light search!

Let’s say, if you don’t want anyone to see what you were using lately on your iphone etc, then this suggestion feature is annoying…like who is the last person you called.

Usually in iOS 8, you got to the settings > mail, contacts and turn it off there  but in iOS 9 and 10 you can’t do that.  So if you want to disable or hide this feature from iOS 10, you need to follow the steps.

Disable or Hide Siri Suggestions on iOS 10 and iOS 9

how to hide siri suggestion ios10

1. Open settings >

2. Go to General >

3. and then go to Spotlight Search >

4. and then Siri Suggestion where you can turn it off or below is whole section of apps Contacts, text etc which you can disable it individually.

Personally, I would suggest that one keep the Siri Suggestion Enable, and disable individual things from search result like you can disable the suggested apps, or contacts or places etc.

After you disable Siri Suggestion, you can go to the Spotlight search and see that Siri Suggestion is hidden /disabled there. Or if you have disabled Contacts or any particular app in the Settings, you won’t see it in the Spotlight search page.

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