How to Jailbreak and Install Cydia on iOS 9.3.3 and 9.3.4 without Computer

Jailbreak install Cydia app on iOS 9.3.3 and 9.3.4 fully untethered. This also works on 32 bit and 64 bit devices. All devices upto and including 9.3.3 are supported including iPhone 5 and 6. What you need to do is simply start your safari browser and go to this address it will open up the installation site. It says that you can’t install Cydia on non-jailbroken devices.

The solution is that when you install an app from the list, Cydia is automatically installed in the background and your device is jail-broken. So this work as a duo, install any of your favorite app from the available app section and you are good to go. All of the applications are approved by apple, and the hidden Cydia app will be installed along with-it.

Follow the steps to jailbreak your device and install Cydia without the need of computer.

As i mentioned above it works for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices running on and upto 9.3.3 and 9.3.4.

jailbreak install cydia 9.3.3

Jailbreak and Cydia installation Steps:

Step 1: Open the page mentioned above in your safari browser, click on the Cydia button down below.

Step 2:  Jailbreak-injected apps pops up. Click on any app you want to install. e.g., there would be LightinTheBox app, or Bingo app. Pick an app and click to install.

If you have trouble installing the app you choose, this is because sometimes the app gets patched, so you need to go back and chose another app from the list.

If the first app doesn’t work, try another one. of course they are free! Usually it works well and the app will be installed immediately.

Step 3. After your selected app download is complete, which you can see the when the round button completes. Sometimes you need to tap the download button twice so that the download button ring complete. You will notice when the jailbreak is finish, you will see the Apple logo and the devices is preparing the file system.

Step 4. Open the app after the download is finish. You will notice the jailbreak and cydia is being installed in the background.

Remember do not close the app too soon or the jailbreak won’t be finished. You can just play around for a minute or two. If you haven’t seen any signs of jailbreak and Cydia being installed after about 2 mins,then the app is probably been patched.

Step 5. Blank screen with apple logo and download bar start appear, which mean that cydia is being installed on your device. After the download bar is finished you can close the app.

Step 6. To finish the jailbreak turn off your iPhone, and restart it after a few sec.

There you go; your iPhone is now jailbreak with Cydia app installed on it. We will also post on how to jailbreak new iPhone 7 and plus. So stay in touch!

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