How to Unlock icloud Locked iPhone 7 , iPad, iPod Touch running on iOS 10

iCloud Activation Lock Bypass for iOS 10 Devices

If you are that unlucky one whose iPhone 7 is locked and looking for the solution how to unlock device running on iOS 10. How to Bypass any iCloud Activation on  iOS 10, here is a simple solution for it.  iPhone 7 runs on iOS 10, so this method is for those devices running on iOS 10 or above. In case you ever bought a device anywhere and its iCloud locked and the person did not tell you and took your money and now you have a device that is not useful – this method might be helpful.

icloud activation lock

There is a list of the servers mentioned below that allows you to get some functions back on your device. Hopefully this will help and gets you some function back on iPhone 7 or iPad. So, let’s begin!  Be sure to follow each step exactly.

Steps to Unlock iClould Activation

You are connected to WiFi and you are on Activation Lock screen

Step 1. Press the Home button > Go back to start over > and then select your language i.e.,. English > select your country > and Select your WiFi network> Click on the i button next to it and click forget this network If you don’t have that i button next to your network > click the home button again > it will show you more WiFi settings (third option).

Step 2. Forget this network > Click home button once > Click Start over > Select language English > Country > and now Click i button next to the WiFi network you want to connect (don’t click the WiFi, only i button).

I have listed different servers for different locations, you can also search safe server to use according to your location.

Servers for Bypass

USA or


Europe or

Step 3. Now Click on the DNS and paste that Server there > Now tap a back once > Select Wifi network that you have to use (it would be the one in which u click i button) > Enter your WiFi password > Click Join > Click on the back, it refreshes automatically connected with that WiFi.

Step 4. Now you are in section > Click language > Select the main menu > it will show all the things you can do with that server. This server is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for it. There would be social network first option, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. whatever you can use them.

Step 5. Go back to see other options in the menu section > like browser, mail for adding all emails and other thinks like maps, sms…video section to watch YouTube video etc., ability to add Netflix account…and right below audio options and different applications you can use.

Hopefully it would be helpful for those who got tricked buying iPhone 7 which is iCloud locked and need iCloud Activation lock bypass.

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