iPhone 9 Release date, Specs, Price and Rumors

What do we know about the Apple iPhone 9?  With the latest release of the brand new iPhone in September, we expect that people want more out of it. It looks like no one want to settle on any version, and the hype for the upcoming version starts building up even more with the release of the new iPhone.

iPhone 9

Each year Apple brings something new with the model but in reality people want to have something appealing that one can differentiate from any other phone model in the world. Specially, when Samsung keeps coming up with the Smartphone Models for the needs of all ages, and price-range smartphones to target different customers in different locations around the world.

2017 will also going to be a milestone year for Apple as it would a be 10th birthday of iPhone, but this doesn’t mean that we will actually witness iPhone with all the features we desire, yet some of them may be done in next iPhone when it will release in September 2017 but for all the features and a design re-constructed altogether, one have to wait for iPhone 9.

Today, we will highlight different aspects of the upcoming Apple iPhone 9, its design & features, which surely is going to appeal to the iPhone lovers.

In past, we heard different rumors regarding iPhone that Apple is planning on Curved Screen Models, or more recently with Specs even greater than Samsung Phones. Some of the rumors seemed to be correct, but most wasn’t when latest iPhone model released back in September. And majority of the people were calling it as “S” version of phone. We hope that iPhone 9 will bring something more advanced and appealing.


Let’s take a look in-hand features that we want Apple to uncover and bring it in iPhone 9.

Design & Display of iPhone 9:

With the latest rumors already circulating the market, we expect the iPhone 9 with edge display and no bezels on top or bottom. After the huge success of Samsung edge phones, rumor-mongers are getting these information built-up that the next venture of Apple in terms of iPhone 9 will display the same hardware and it will be more likely a curved screen phone.

Similarly, the screen size will be greater than the current version of iPhone, more likely 5.5 inch or more. Also, there was much of a talk aroung OLED technology and possible corroboration with Samsung for the flexible circuit board and OLED display panel, it is highly likely that iPhone 9 will feature the flexible OLED hardware.

iphone 9 new designBut keep in mind Apple is currently testing on different prototypes and we have to wait until we see any official confirmation on OLED panel for the September 2017 iPhone. But we do expect that it will surely come in iPhone 9, when it would officially unveiled probably in 2018.

iPhone 9 Wireless Charging:

A more added feature to the upcoming iPhone 9 will have a wireless charging, so no more need of connecting an adopter to your iPhone or through data port.

Digital Home Button in iPhone 9:

Needless to say, many of us want this to be added as soon as possible to the iPhone, considering its ease of use. So, we can assume Apple planning on bringing it to the Phone with some hardware re-designing. With AMOLED display and 3D Touch control, digital home button is no longer a dream for upcoming iPhone. And it will surely help iPhone lovers due to the ease of usability when scrolling through apps and different stuff on iPhone and bringing everything back with the touch of screen. Let’s see what comes up when the new iPhone 9 would be released.

Specs & Features of iPhone 9:

Specifications & Features:      Apple iPhone 9 Specs:

Camera Features                            Optical image stabilization, 3D-4K Resolution, Auto focus/improved imaging, Touch                                                                               Focus, Live Photo, Face Detection, HDR (Photo/Panorama)

Camera – Primary                            14 MegaPixel Primary Camera

Camera – Front Facing                  4 MegaPixel Front-Facing Camera

Screen Display                                  5” – 5.5” 4K screen corning, retina display

Video Recording                              720p @ 90 fps, 1080p @ 60 fps, 2160p @ 30 fps

Colors                                                    Space Grey/Silver /Rose Gold/Gold /Jet Black

Features                                              OLED, Retina Display, Iris Scanner/Eye+Fingerprint Scanner

Memory                                                (32/64/128/256) GB

Operating System                            iOS 12, upgradable to iOS 13+

Processor                                           A-11 Chipset

Battery Power                                    Non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery

Sensors                                             Barometer, dust-proof, compass, heart rate, SPO2, shockproof thermometer

Price                                                   $1200 USD, 1069.38 Euro, 827.07 GBP

Release Date                                    Q-4, 2018


iPhone 9 Release Date:

We can’t be sure of the iPhone 9 exact release date, as there a couple of things to be unveiled first. Like on the 10th Birthday of iPhone, Apple will bring the upgraded version of iPhone 7 which we may call it iPhone 7S or iPhone 8, as of now. And  September 2017 would be the official release date of those models. And so for iPhone 9, release date will probably be in September 2018.

Let’s wait a while and keep in touch for the latest news on iPhone 9 release date, specs and features in more detail in upcoming updates.

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