iPhone Clone Identification Guide

Chance of buying an iPhone clone instead of original iPhone is very high nowadays. When people prefer low price over quality they usually get what they deserve. That is why whenever you want to buy buy an iPhone, keep in mind that cheap price leads you quality iPhone and at least there are at least 20 copies of iPhone available in market worldwide which is not the original one but a clone iPhone.

In order to identify the clone iPhone you need to do a physical product check by following these steps..


Clone iPhone Check Sheet


#1 Screws Check


Apple Inc. usually uses pentalobe screws in iPhone, actually these screws are considered as finest quality screws that are tamer-proof. If you found some other kind of screws in iPhone, most probably you are getting the iPhone replica or fake iPhone.


#2 Buttons Check


Since iPhone 3g, Apple has always added the “sleep and awake” button on the right top corner of mobile and”Volume and Ringer” button of the left top corner. If you find this order opposite or any changing there, unfortunately you have the copy of iPhone not the original iPhone.


#3 LCD Check


Usually low quality LCD of mobile phones have small spots in it or the screen is pix-elated. Same in case of iPhone screen check, if you found pix-elated and unclear LCD iPhone, you know what I mean.. :)


#4 Apple Logo Check


Normally low end iPhone copy don’t have logo on their back, however a fake iPhone can also have logo on its back. You can differentiate genuine iPhone from iPhone replica by rubbing your finger on log, if you feel harsh surface or transition, sadly the phone in your hand is fake.


#5 Welcome Screen or Booting Screen Check


Genuine iPhone booting screen shows Apple logo when you turn it ON. If it doesn’t show this screen or having some other boot animation, then you have an iPhone copy.


#6 Label Check


On backside of iPhone, a label is written that ” designed by Apple California and assembled in China”. Having no label on backside of your iPhone suggests you have iPhone clone.



#7 Sim Card Option – Check

Original iPhone have only one sim option but most of the times, clone iPhones have dual sim option which differentiate it from a regular iPhone.


#8 Memory Card Option Check

iPhone’s have a builtin non extended memory of GB, 16GB, 32 GB and 64GB as per different models and have no option of inserting memory card but fake iPhone’s have option of extending memory buy putting memory card in mobile phone.

If you follow these steps of iPhone clone check sheet, luckily you will be safe from buying a crap iPhone.

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