OpenAppMkt: Update You Need to Know with New iOS

Do you want to install OpenAppMkt on your device and are looking for the answer how to install OpenAppMkt, here is brief overview of it so that you don’t need to waste time searching for the solution as it no longer works on new devices.


Can We Install OpenAppMkt

It was one of the handy tool couple of years back , iOS users can easily access apps along with Cydia. Both were hosted at the same server to get everything at one place. It’s been while since OpenAppMkt have been closed and now users can’t even access it. When it was available users can install application by going through OpenAppMkt place and download them on iPhone, iPad or android devices.

OpenAppMkt development team has closed their store and you can’t install Cydia with OpenAppMkt making it almost impossible without any hack. The purpose of close is still unkown why so popular jailbreak tool is been closed for the users. But with latest tools and jailbreak tips, you can find a better solution than OpenAppMkt. Now it’s even more easy and handy to update your device to the latest version of iOS and jailbreak it with few tweaks.

Although, the latest jailbreak for iOS 10 is currently under process and Cydia team is working on giving a great tool to unlock iPhone giving the freedom to install any app.

Can We Install Cydia from OpenAppMkt

Yes you can you can install Cydia with Cydia Installer for free from the OpenAppMkt.

The other apps that you found on market that claim to install OpenAppMkt will only guide you other methods of jailbreak and cydia install but are unable to give any specific direction on how to install cydia with OpenAppMkt or other applications.

OpenAppMkt Alternatives

What are the best ways to jailbreak without the need of OpenAppMkt. 2 years back OpenAppMkt has gathered great users’ attention as not only it hosts cydia, also users can access Cydia without the need of jailbreak. At that time all the apps are updated timely and latest tweaks give users safe access to the platform and apps.

The hosted apps on the server of OpenAppMkt, made it pretty much easier for users to get their hand on one of the favorite apps on store. But now with OpenAppMkt close, one can no longer avail those apps without jailbreaking devices.

For android users there is great alternative like F-Droid which is a catalogue of open source and free apps but sadly for iOS devices there is no alternative like OpenAppMkt.

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