Send Multiple Attachments in One Email on iPhone

Sometimes you need to send few files to your friend or family member using your iPhone but the problem you face at such situations is that you can’t send multiple attachments. Yes, by default Apple only allow you to send a single attachment in email using stock iOS email app.

But thanks to app that solves this problem. Now you can easily send more than single photo or file using stock iPhone/iPad email app. Multiple attachments is a new app for iOS devices that allow the iDevice owners to Send multiple attachments in one email on iPhone.

Send multiple attachments in one email on iPhone

Having this app installed on your iDevice will increase your productivity a lot in many ways. Like if you have to send 10 files to friend then using iPhone you will have to send him 10 emails. But if you have Multiple Attachments app installed on your iPhone, you will only send one email thus greatly saving your time.

The interface of Multiple Attachments app is deadly simple. All you need is to tap on share button and then on open in attachments option. This will add the attachments to app and in this way you can add as much as you can to send them via email later.

Multiple Attachments is a paid app but for limited time it is available for free in App Store. So hurry up and grab your copy before the offer ends.

Multiple Attachments [iTunes Link]

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