T-Mobile is Now Offering 500MB of Data for $40/Month

T-Mobile subscribers rejoice as the telecom company has announced a new simple started plan that will offer 500MB of 4G LTE Data for juts $40/Month. Apart from 500MB of data, this package includes unlimited talk and text and it will launch on 12th of April.

T-Mobile is Now Offering 500MB of Data for $40/Month

According to John Legere, who is President and CEO of T-Mobile:

Un-carrier is a movement, not a marketing strategy. We are freeing consumers from the predatory practices of traditional US wireless companies and that includes these plans that start with a low price and a low data limit, but then hit you with insane fees if you send one too many emails.

So this in my opinion is very very cheap package as it includes massive 500MB of 4G LTE data along with unlimited talks and text which is indeed ideal for youngsters.

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