Top Hidden Features in iPhone 7 For iOS 10

We hope that you have recently updated to new version of iOS 10 and enjoying the latest version  to the full extent. Although, you’ll get used to the new iOS 10 and you might have availed iOS 10 & all the great features it comes with but I bet there are a few features you have not heard about or might not have tried. So, let’s take a look at some of the hidden features in iPhone 7 for iOS 10.

hidden features iPhone 7

iOS 10 Top Hidden Features

6 Best Hidden Features in iOS 10

  1. 3D TOUCH

3D Touch is now more prevalent than ever in iOS 10. Apple is certainly determined to stick with this feature that most people have seemed to forget about due to slow adoption issue with 3d touch. It’s hard to know where you can see it after all of its hidden behind the normal use interface, but in iOS 10 3D touches everywhere.

Let’s look at some handy places you can now use 3D touch. On the lock screen 3D touch can be se used to interact with notifications and for many apps like Messages at deep press will allow to reply to msg without leaving the lock screens like in prior versions of iOS, deep pressing on an app icon on Home screen brings-up quick actions however in iOS 10 apps can now add a widget making them much more useful.

Apples’ default apps now have a widget available & many third party apps have adopted the  feature e.g., the weather app provides a small glance at the weather, Apple Map suggest your next destination and to use a third-party app, it will also show upcoming tasks.

Overtime 3d touch has been added inside many apps as well allowing you to peek at content- you can explore more by using this feature.

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  1. Do Not Disturb

It is a fantastic iPhone feature for the night time meetings or other time. You simply don’t want to be disturbed. There may be specific people you don’t want to keep from getting in touch with you. For example you want your specific friend to be able to get in touch with you anytime and iOS 10 has just the feature in the contacts app. Friend the contact you want to be available to any time, click edit and then you can turn on what’s called an emergency bypass under ringtone and text tone if you want both calls and text messages to come through.

  1. Lock Screen Privacy in Raise to Awake Feature

It’s a great way to get a quick peek at your notifications and other information but it does raise a privacy issue as the feature shows a lot of activity without your iPhone being unlocked. For instance by default someone could lift up your iPhone, see a message and reply to it, all without unlocking your phone.

So, if you are worried about privacy and for someone being able just to pick up your phone and see what you got going on in notification, now you can do something about it. You can control what information shows up on the lock screen when raise to awake is activated. Just head over to settings touch id and pass-code and scroll down until you see the allow access Section where you can toggle on and off features like today view and Siri and reply with message among others.

Now keep in mind none of these toggles will prevent your messages or emails for showing up on your lock screen if you prefer that your messages or other similar notifications not show up at all on the lock screen.

You can disable those notifications by going to the settings > notifications and then selecting the app you want to cut off for e.g.,. message app > and control how you want to see it  then going back raise wake if you want to prefer to turn off the features all together. You can do that by simply going to settings > display and brightness and scroll down until you see Raise to Wake options and you can toggle it on and off.

  1. Flashlight Brightness

Now change the brightness of the Flashlight of iPhone 7, if you have not done so. Go to the control center and from there using a deep press on the icon, you can choose between bright light medium or low light. It’s pretty handy at night when the brightest settings can be sometimes blinding at night.

  1. Live Photos in iOS 10

Apple has significantly improved Live Photos on iOS 10 and if you have abandon the feature, it may be a second look.

The biggest change in it is the ability to edit live. When Live Photos Edit feature was released, even the smallest edit to a live photo would cause live photo to be converted into a still image. It was very frustrating especially since editing or adding a filter to photos on the iPhone is such a popular activity.

Now you can go crazy editing a live photo and it will remain a live photo, lot of stability when shooting a live photo, you don’t need to remain still during it and the results are not shaky mess and live photos are better than ever.

  1. Zoom Feature- iPhone Magnifier

I know quite a few people with eyesight issues, who appreciate and use the iPhone Zoom Feature which makes icons, text and everything else larger but what about items in the real world. In iOS 10, Apple has added a new accessibility called Magnifier. It allows iPhone users to use their iPhone camera to magnify an object.

Why not just use the camera app you might be thinking? Well magnifier allows you to zoom in substantially further than the camera.

To enable the feature go to the Settings >  General > Accessibility and then the magnifier once enabled you can activate the magnifier by triple click on the Home Button, then you can zoom in and out and even take a still image to you.

There are also a few other items that allow you to adjust certain settings and to be honest many people will find it useful.

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