Top Ten Best iOS 10 Apps to Download

With millions of apps in the market, it is very difficult to choose which app is best for download. Each month literally thousands of apps release and to say the least, you have limited number of apps to download as you don’t want to clutter your iPhone or iOS device.

We have compiled a list of top ten iOS Apps you can choose to download on Christmas December 2016, as these apps have something new to offer. Let’s have fun and try one of these apps.

Let’s take a look at the list of newly and highest rated apps for this month.

  1. PhotoScan:

photoscan google ios app december

This app recently launched by Google that can will digitally enhance old photos of yours so you can place your old photo on the table and take a picture of it using the app, then align the dots and all the four corners and it will create a high quality digital image that is free from blur and glare. The photo will also be automatically cropped enhanced and rotated. So restoring a bunch of old photos can be pretty quick and easy using PhotoScan. The image that you scan will also sent to Google photos. It’s all very seamless and automatic.

  1. Scan Document iOS App

Scan Documents is an app that scans your documents using your smartphone camera. It’s really as simple as that. The app will auto-detect documents and allow you to edit and save them as a PDF file or jpeg. OCR is supported to extract text from a PDF and you can share an email your documents straight from the app itself.

There are thousands of different scanning apps out there but this one is about as simple as it gets.


direct tv ios app

DIRECTTV now is probably the most recent app to hit the App Store since AT&T just launched this service. It is not a sponsored by any means but just like the concept of being able to watch live TV via the internet. You can also save the money by cutting down cable bill as much as possible. DirectTv now provides over 100 channels to stream and since its brand new they have a package call Go Big that contains 109 channels + local channels are available for 35$ a month

Normally DIRECTTV price is $60 per month but Apple lets you view streaming TV on one device pause the streaming television service and continue watching on another device.

You can also restart a show that is already been playing. Also it has a 7 day free trial.

  1. Don’t Grind iOS App:

dont grind ios app 2016

Don’t Grind is a game that is absolutely bananas- the premises don’t let your little characters get ground up. You need to tap your way through the buzz saws, lasers and various other obstacles. The developers certainly have an imagination when they designed this game. The game is a  fun, game. So go and sharpen up bananas and nuts.

  1. Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft Solitaire Collection is a must have app for solitaire lovers. It was recently added to the app store and features all the classic solitaire card games that you expect and come to love from windows machine. You can chose from klondike spider solitaire, pyramid or tripeaks in game modes. There are daily challenges as well. You can even sign in with your microsoft account to earn Xbox Live achievements.

  1. Moasure- A Smart Measuring App

This app is called  Moasure. . It is a smart measuring app that aims to replace your clunky old tape measure. It is a 100 meter or a 300 foot tape measure, ruler, protractor and a goniometer which is an angle measure all in one app. Best of all the app is really easy to use., you simply need to move your phone from one point to another point and let the app do the rest and do the calculating. It will display the distance between two points, the angle between them. It apparently uses the same technology found in space rocket guidance systems as well as the sensors in your iPhone to calculate its measurements. The price of the app $1.99.

  1. Inscape: Guided Meditation iOS App

Inscape is a meditation app to help you find balance and boost performance in your fast paced over stimulated world. Everyone is busy in hi/her own little world and can’t seems to get out of the circle. By looking at a busy person sitting next behind you in a public restaurant, you can surely tell that he could use some meditation.

Start by telling the app about yourself and what you like the app to focus on boosting productivity reducing stress or expanding awareness you can set different times to meditate and allowed mindfulness minutes to be recorded to your health.

This App is to help you monitor and develop your practice. Basically if you just need to relax take some to yourself, download this app and just de-stress.

  1. Hop Swap:

hop swap ios app

Hop Swap is a fun little game for all ages. You hop and then swap to jump through the ground which now becomes the sky. Your journey through the two world at the same time and spot between them and solve different puzzles. The controls are very basic as you simply swipe, left right, up and down. The best of all the retro graphics that bring it back to the good old days.

  1. Filmborn iOS App

FilmBorn can transform your photos into cinematic masterpieces. There are some pretty set filters for various camera types like Fujifilm and Kodak. There are also other tools you can set to your liking. You can increase or decrease brightness change the white balance and color, soften or harden an image. The app is also very sophisticated in the way it can crop manipulate photos, it can rotate stretching, compressed your photos. It’s really the complete package

  1. Icarus iOS App:

Icarus is a stunning star journey game. icarus has players helping a fallen bright star and send to its former place within the night sky. The controls are very straightforward. Drag anywhere to aim and release the launch upwards and you can enter stars to refill health and collect orbs to level up and upgrade your health. I will say the game gets pretty challenging with more obstacles appears and you have to move around them while in mid-air.

You do really want to try something new and have fun-time, so download the app from the list of Apps available for Christmas 2016, and share your views about the app in the comment section.

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