Top Ten Hidden Features and Tricks in New iOS 10

Today we are going to show some awesome Hidden Features and tricks with iOS 10. With new iOS 10 Apple has released a bunch of iOS 10 betas. There are lot of new features and even more improvements in iOS 10. Here are the Best and New Top 10 Hidden Features and tricks in iOS 10

ios 10 hidden features

1. Apple Maps

A first hidden feature in iOS 10 is the ability for the Apple maps app to remember where you parked your cars. It’s amazing because it automatically remembers and it will tell the location. So Go the settings > Scroll down and go to Maps and then scroll down and choose > Show Parked Location > Turn it on. It’s going to show you parked location of your car as long as it is connected to Bluetooth or car play stereo. It will show wherever you parked your car and that way you’ll be able to find it much easier when you are going to find your parking spot.

2. Revert Lock Screen in iPhone 7

The next hidden feature allows you to revert lock screen back to the way it was before, when you simply had to press to unlock your phone. Currently with new iOS 10 Swipe around and get into the widgets you have to do is to fully press to open it. Now you can actually switch it back to the standard just tap. Go to General > Accessibility > Swipe down to the home button and then under home button chose Rest Finger to Open, and that’s the standard touch ID. Same way you use to have it. No Tap Required!

3. Hidden Feature Bed Time Mode

ios 10 bed time mode

The 3rd hidden feature that we have is the new BED TIME Mode. You can find this mode in the clock application. Go over to the bottom tab that says Bed Time. Once activated this allows you to tracks your sleep and gives you an alarm in the morning and notification when it’s time to go to the bed to get your nightly dose of sleep. You are able to customize your setting which also changes the amount of hours for sleep. You can also change the setting to when you would like to wake up. You can set your default time like 11:00 PM and wake up at 7:00 AM; It will also do a sleep analysis over the course of the week right here at the bottom of the screen. You can also change the option to choose which days of the week, this applies for. Like if you don’t want it on the weekends you can select the standard week days. And also choose when you want the reminder to be on and when to go to bed. It will actually give you the reminder telling you hey it’s time to go to bed. And of course you can change the wake up sound which is basically the alarm that plays. This is a very easy way to get into the schedule; you can monitor it in the sleep analysis portion.

4. Force Touch in iOS 10

You can use Force Touch to quick links to apps in your phone. But now you can use Force touch in iOS 10 on your flashlight, timer and more. Here is how to use it. Just force touch on flashlight and can choose the difference between bright lite, medium light or low light. You can also get quick access to 1 hour, 20 minutes or  1 minutes timer. Access to copy your last calculation or even quick access to take photo, record Video, take Selfie etc. using force touch on the control center.

5. Voice Mail Transcript

The next hidden feature in iOS 10 allows you to read your voice mail transcripts whenever you receive a voicemail. Click on the voicemail and you can see there is a voice transcription of the voice mail.

6. Annoying Notification in iPhone iOS 10

If you have ever really hated those ones, annoying notifications that go on for ever and ever, use this hidden trick in your new iPhone 7 to get rid all of them at once. How to clear notifications? Swipe down from top of the screen to view notification center and then all you have to do is force touch on the Recent tab X button and click clear All notifications.

7. SIRI Announce

On number 7 the next Hidden feature is the ability to have SIRI announce who is calling you whenever someone calls. So the way to do this is… Go to the settings > Phone> Announce Calls > Click to open it. There are four options in it. Always, Headphones & Car headphones only or Never. By default is Never checked. Choose the option which suites you and now SIRI will announce whoever calls.

8. iOS 10 Hidden Message Features


You have probably already know some of the cool iMessage features, I am going show some hidden iMessage features. So as you can see, you can send the standards stickers which are brand new for iOS 10. But there are really cool iOS 10 Stickers, emoji. You can get new stickers by going to the store. Tap back, which allows you to double tap on whoever comments and you want to or respond to it; you can like the comments, dislike it, thumbs up or down etc. In addition to that you can really add cool effects to the text. Its hidden and not easily found. Here is How to use invisible ink in iOS 10.  All you have to do is do is write whatever you want to and then force touch on the send button and if you look there is send with invisible ink etc. wipe over to unveil other screen effects ,balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks, shooting star etc select any of them you like and click send. If the other user has iOS 10 installed they will see the exact same animation.

9. Snaptchat New Markup Features

Apple is taking new Snapchat with new markup feature. This is actually going to allow you to send an image that you can draw on and scribble on, write directly from the iMessage. Go over to the camera area in iMessage and take picture. Go into the picture and click on Markup. Now you can draw something on the pic like smiley face, magnification. Embed you text and then of course you can save it, done and send it.

Now in iOS 10 you can quickly send and written notes by simply turning your phone in iMessage and write whatever you want. Also chose pre-written words as well… just like that and click send.

10. Magnify Feature in iOS 10

The final iOS 10 Hidden feature is the ability to magnify whatever you looking at on your phone just by the click of your home button. Here is how to set it up. Go to the settings. General > Accessibility > Magnifier > Turn it on and triple click the home button, you’ll be able to magnify whatever you looking at in very high quality.

We hope now you can easily access some of the cool hidden features in new iOS 10. Keep reading ios-tips for more updates on tips and tricks.

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