Top Ten Updates/Fixes For New Version of iOS 10.1.1

The new stable version of iOS 10 has been released for the compatible devices. Since iOS 10 was released a short while ago, there have been latest tweaks and bugs fixes to it and new version iOS 10.1.1 is recently available so that users can avail all the functions and features on iPhone 7 without any issues and problems.

iOS 10.1.1 Update

So go ahead a download the latest iOS 10.1.1 upgrade. This is a minor update done to iOS 10 so that it runs stable. Free download the latest version to avail all the features of it hassle-free.
You can also stick to your previous version of jailbreak, but if you want to update to iOS 10.1.1, you need to verify that all the latest jailbreak updates have been added with installing the new version of iOS 10.

Top Ten Fixes, Updates on iOS 10.1.1

We have compiled a list of the improvements and fixes done on iOS 10 and Lets take a look at what are some of the top Ten fixes done in iOS 10.1

  1. Safari Web Previews issues has been rectified.
  2. Weather Widget failure has been corrected.
  3. Issues Fixed with playback of purchased content on iTunes
  4. There was a live screening issue on iPhone 7 and +, which is now fixed
  5. Certain mail messages text size problem solved.
  6. Alarm Sound gong off problem fixed.
  7. Device Wake up with AirPlay Mirroring.
  8. Bluetooth connectivity and pairing with third party upgraded.
  9. Restoring form iCloud Backup is addressed.
  10. HTML Email issues are also solved.

We will also update you if any new jailbreak tools and version are available for iOS 10.1 for your convenience. As soon as a confirmed jailbreak is released for the iOS 10, we will let you know. So stay in touch to get latest updates on iOS 10 and jailbreak.

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