Winocm Successfully Installed Windows on iPad 2

Windows on iPad

Famous Jailbreak developer Winocm has tweeted some pictures of iPad 2 which is running Windows. Yes, you heard it right, Windows on iPad 2. Earlier last week another jailbreak developer claimed that he was able to add double boot capabilities to iPad 2 but his tool UI wasn’t that easy for use.

According to Winocm, the process of installing Windows on iPad took him only half an hour and also this method works with iPhone 4S as well. Nothing has been said regarding the release of this method to general public but he plans to release this to general public, then we will see in very soon.

Just imagine the dual boot capability on your iPhone or iPad so you can install both Windows and iOS on your iDevice. Also if this tricks works, then we will be able to dual boot iOS with Mac or even Android too on our iOS devices. If jailbreak community takes this seriously then user will get lot of benefits.

Another information regarding that trick was that at the moment it is compatible only with iPad 2 and iPhone 4S which is running on iOS 5 or iOS 6. If these conditions are fulfilled, only then you will be able to dual boot Windows with iOS on your iPhone or iPad.

Stay tuned with us as we will keep you updated regarding all the future development on this project.

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